About us



Located in the Lim valley, surrounded by the mountains Komovi, Bjelasica and Prokletije, Hotel Zvjezdana dolina is an ideal choice for those who want an active vacation in nature, and for those who dream of a peaceful, pleasant vacation, away from the city crowds, in peace and quiet of our ambience.

If you want to fully experience the rural way of life and customs of the local population, here you can participate in various activities of the hotel staff, including gardening, touring the rural household and the pet farm located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Garni hotel & Glamping Zvjezdana dolina has spacious, warmly equipped rooms, pleasant and friendly staff, as well as a restaurant where you will enjoy local cuisine, homemade juices and desserts. You can even choose a place for yourself, set up a deck chair, read or enjoy the chirping of birds and drinking tea, made from plants picked from the largest mountain peaks in the area.

Staying in Zvjezdana dolina  gives you the opportunity to make a connection with nature in a way that suits you. Whatever type of vacation you choose, at the end of the day you can sink into the most peaceful sleep and be sure that the only sound that will wake you up in the morning is the chirping of birds.

Zvjezdana dolina was created by the joint work of the Vlahović family. Experience, knowledge and love for nature gave birth to the idea, and then led to the realization and opening of the hotel. Traveling and touring various places, collecting ideas and creating an image of where and how to make a place where we will have the opportunity to share our experience of nature with you, we came to the conclusion that the village of Ulotina, with all its possibilities and uniqueness is the right choice for both, our guests and us.



  • Homemade food
  • Peace and quite
  • Comfort
  • Biker friendly
  • Close to the NP Prokletije
  • Trips
  • Peaceful location
  • Nature beauties
  • Pet friendly